1. Exceptional speed of execution: more than 20 foundations are built per day 

2. Cost savings of more than 40% compared to concrete solutions

3. No excavations

4. Absence of concrete castings: avoids concrete curing waiting times

5. Ease of construction thanks to a single stage of processing with a single operator 

6. Possibility of removal leaving the soil unaltered


7. Possibility of reuse, it can be extracted with

vibroinfissore without damaging the fixed plate 


8. Possibility of use for temporary structures (calamities or show events) 


9. Ecological, all components are made of steel so 100% recyclable. 


10. Ecologically integrated design optimization of the lca index (eco-balance of the work) because o removal and reuse o removal and total recycling of all components that are made of steel

17. Design standardisation according to stress and soil parameters 


18. Reduction of costs and design time thanks to design standardization 


19. Production standardization with possibility of products in stock

20. Reduction of costs and production time thanks to production standardization

11. Possibility of installation in all weather and ground conditions


12. Dry installation, no landfill material, leaves the ground unaltered


13. Efficient building grounding against electric shock

14. Antiseismic

15. Less floor space than concrete solutions 

16. Ideal for sloping terrain with guarantees of stability for the depth of driving